Call for Proposals

We're always looking for an interesting topics and stories to be presented on our monthly meetup in Vilnius.

Usually we talk about Ruby and surrounding technologies, but we're not limited to it - we're also very interested in other modern technologies, open source, success (or failure) stories, developer lifestyle, and many other topics.

If you have something to present, even if you're in doubt about the topic, feel free to fill our short form below, and we will reach you back!

You're not from Lithuania/Vilnius? We've got you covered

Thanks to our sponsors, we're covering your flight and hotel.

So have you ever thought about a nice weekend in Vilnius for free, including introduction to vibrant VilniusRB community? It looked like everyone from our previous guests were quite happy with their visit!

Let's get in touch!

Please fill in our short form and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Have any questions? Don't hesitate to ping us via email, twitter or slack (all contacts below)

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